Let There Be More Magic!

Kollage _ 555

Magic: The Gathering nail art! 😀
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So, a couple of days ago I wantd to play Magic: The Gathering, but since I live far away from my friends who play, and my fiancé was’nt home I decided to paint the manasymbols om my nails. And I actually got really pleased with the result! 😀

For this nail art I used nailpolish for the background, and acrylic paint for the symbols.

With Love
~ Hattis


The Fruits Of Summer

IMG_9768 _ 555

The Fruits Of Summer
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Long time no see! I have quite a few designs for you, but today I will only show you one. 😉
This is a design that I did when I was bored, and my fimo fruits had just arrived.

And I have a question for you, that I would love if you answered, even if someone already have give me your answer.
Should I really do nail art tutorials?
I want to make you guys happy, and I can only know what you think if you answer me.

With Love
~ Hattis

Orange Crush

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Okey, I have no idea what I should call this design… But, I do know that I’m very pleased with how it turned out. 😀 The orange polish is from IsaDora’s new limited edition line, called Sugar Crush. It’s a shame that it’s only a limited edition, because i LOVE every single one of them. They are so pretty, and sparkles like crazy!

Here I used 124 Coral Crush, 191 Gothic Black, 697 Clear Nail Gel 6-In-1 and Acrylic Paint.

What do you think? Should I do more designs like this, or is it a big NO? 😛

With Love


My first gel design om myself! 😀
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So, this is what I’m having on my nails at the moment! It’s gelnails done by me, and I’m in LOVE with them! I’ve had them for about a week, and I can’t stop loocking at them! The glitter is sooo beautiful.
But the picture ruins the glitter, and make the nails look boring. xD If you want to I can always make a short video for you, but only if you ask me. 😛

And what did I use? A swedish gelbrand called Nagelgiganten, and some glittergels that I got from a dear friend of mine.

With Love
~ Hattis

The Spikey Mountains

The Spikey Mountains Click for a bigger picture

The Spikey Mountains
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Well, this is what happens if I don’t have decided what kind of nail art I want when I start. xD But it’s fun to just go with the imagination. 🙂

So… this is another nail art for IsaDora, and I’m actually pleased with how this one turned out. Except that I have so much top coat on so the nails looks really thick. xD

And here is the products that I used, all from IsaDora:
745 Persian Princess
81    Purple Princess Nail Glitter
191 Gothic Black
603 Tip White
697 Clear Nail Gel 6-In-1

With Love
~ Hattis

A Wedding By The Sea

Kollage _ 555

A Wedding By The Sea
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This is my first 100% gel design! And I must say that I’m proud of myself. If I had a wedding by the beach, I would certainly have something like this on my nails. 😀

If I could change something in this design, I would have used a white that is more BAM! The white that I used are for more a discreet frensh look, but that is hard to change since I don’t have a more white gel than this. 😉

I found my inspiration from this site:

With Love
~ Hattis

The Beauty Of Swirls

The Beauty Of Swirls Klick for a bigger picture

The Beauty Of Swirls
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Now when the winter is over, it’s time for some fun nail art! And what doesn’t fit better then a nail art with the colours that we have missed the most? A clear blue sky, and the soft, green grass! The products that I used are (as always) listed down below. 😀 

IsaDora – 711 Miami Blue
IsaDora – 603 Tip White,
IsaDora – 762 Meadow,
IsaDora – 697 Clear Nail Gel 6-In-1


With Love
~ Hattis

A Colourful Summer – The Pictorial!

And here: A Pictorial of my latest design!

Colourful summer _ 555

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1. Use a basecoat. This will protect your nail from getting stained from the polish, and it will help the polish stay on longer. In some cases it can also help the nail grow stronger.

2. Choose a basecolour and paint two layers to make it opaque. Don’t forget to let the layers dry 5 – 10 minutes before you put on another! If you forget this the layers will not dry.
I used nr. 739 Surfers Paradise from IsaDora.

3. Take the black polish and make some lines from one side to the middle of the nail, in a zigzag pattern.

4. Do the same with a silverpolish.

Apply a topcoat and the design is done!
I hope you liked my pictorial, and please, leave a comment if you would like to see more of them!

With Love
~ Hattis

Nail design: A Colourful Summer

A Colourful Summer _ 555

A Colourful Summer
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So, this Nail Design was inspired by all of the nailpolishes that I got from IsaDora a while back. It was ten different nailpolishes, and I decided that I wanted to use all of them at the same time. This is what I came up with!

It’s a very basic nail art, but thanks to all the colours the basic nail art is perfect for this!

And this is the polishes that I used, all from IsaDora!

Left hand:
739 Surfers Paradise
757 Scuba Blue
760 Poseidon
759 Atlantis

Right hand:
735 Hot Hibiscus
756 Coral Reef
713 South Beach
753 Rosette

192 Power Pink
758 Aquatic

On all of my nails:
191 Gothic Black
651 Silver Sparkle
697 Clear Nail Gel 6-In-1

The Time Of The Watermelons

The Time Of The Watermelons

Nail Design – The Time Of The Watermelons
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Spring is finally here! This year it came very late in Sweden, but now it’s here! So, to celebrate I decided to make a design that I have wanted to do for a really long time!

The products that I used are from IsaDora:
696 Second Nail Pink
760 Poseidon
648 Go Green
697 Clear Nail Gel 6-In-1