Purple Princess

IMG_20150717_191204I made my big sister’s nails the other day. It’s nothing fancy, but I really like how they turned out. They are a bit yellowish because I was out of the cover I usually use. The nails are anything but perfect, but I’m still happy with them. My sister says she loves them and that’s what counts. 🙂

The products I used:
IsaDora glitter Nr. 81 Purple Princess

With love
~ Hattis


Gothic Love – A Valentines Day design

Gothic Love watermark croppedThese are the nails that I wore for valentines day this year, and I must say that I’m very happy with the outcome.

I actually won a design competition with these nails! I’m so proud! It was a very small competition within a swedish facebook group called “Nagelamatörer” (english: Nail amateurs) but it’s still making me happy. I’m so grateful for the people that voted for me. Thank you everybody! ❤ ❤ ❤

The products I used:
Black acrylic paint
Isadora nail polish nr. 191
Buffer (for the matte finish)
Top Coat

With love
~ Hattis

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve 2014-2015 + jämförelsebild MINIYeah, sorry for being late with this one. xD But I actually  made my nails for new years eve and I have to say that I am SO proud of these nails! I just love the way they turned out so much that I might make them for a friends prom that I have been invited too. 😀

The picture on the bottom right is my very first babystiletto. I belive that I have improved my work a TON and I’m so proud of my self!

I hope you like my nails, even if the picture isn’t the best. 😉

With love
– Hattis

Christmas Nails

IMG_1755 fixedIMG_1758fixed thisWell, this was a while ago. Sorry for not posting in almost a year. Things have been rough, and they are not entirely sorted out yet… But I still made a christmas design! That’s something, I hope. 😛 This design is inspired by a picture I saw on Brillbird’s facebook page.

I might take better pictures, I will let you know if I do. 🙂

A new design! :D

IMG_1384 _ 333And here is (finally) a new design! I’m sorry it took so long, but inspiration and stuff didn’t happen until now. 😛

So, what did I use?
* Well, the fleshy part is a gel that I build my pointy nail with.
* The black is a nailvarnish from the swedish makeup company IsaDora.
*  For decorations I used a black and a white acrylic paint from Polycolor mixed together. And silver hexagons.
* And over that I used a clear topvarnish from the swedish brand REQ, to make the design shine and the hexagons to stay in place.

Sad & good news

So, lets start with the sad news… I have been very unactive here for the last couple of months. Not because of the education, but because I’m not going to become a nailtech for the time being. Sad things happened that I don’t want to talk about, so the education isn’t happening. I have been too sad to build nails and post things here.

The good news: I’M BACK IN TRACK! I have been much better emotional the past two – three weeks, so I have orderd new nailstuff and if I’m lucky they will arrive before new years eve!

And here are two winter designs that I have been doing under the last months.

Icicle Click for a bigger picture

Click for a bigger picture

A Perfect Winter Dream Click for a bigger picture

A Perfect Winter Dream
Click for a bigger picture

Glitter Nails!

988255_10201798460379504_975886790_n _ 555This time I decided to use a loose glitter from IsaDora in my geldesign, and this is what It looks like! I really love the glitter, and it’s a shame that the camera doesn’t pick up all the sparkle. But it looks pretty anyway! 😀

And this monday I’m going to make a short visit too the city Linköping, and maybe I will work there as a nail technician! I really hope she likes me, because that would make two of my dreams go true in one go!
Dream nr. 1: Work as a nail technician.
Dream nr. 2: Move to the absolutely stunning city Linköping!
I really hope this goes well! 😀

With Love

I’m going to become a Nail Technician!!!

Model: Me Makeup: Emily Muurbech Lantz Photographer: Hanna Björkman

Model: Me
Makeup: Emily Muurbech Lantz
Photographer: Hanna Björkman

Yes, you read right! This fall I will go a Nail Technician education!

I’m so happy, and I just want to scream it out loud, because my mind still haven’t got it. It feels like a dream, and I’m so glad! This would’nt be possible without my good friend Hanna, and she is the most amazing person ever! So many thanks to her, words can’t describe what she has done for me! ❤